I didn‘t plan to be a baglady, but that is what I am. I make bags for a living- custom-made, one-of-a- kind bags out of my cabin home in the hills outside San Diego. It is a modest living that allows me to pay the bills and be where I love, surrounded by the things I love. It’s a nice, uncomplicated, peaceful life which allows me to focus my energies into producing the best product I can.

Each one of my bags is individually made from fabrics that I have hand-selected for quality, price, durability and the unique beauty that they lend to the designs I create. Thread, hardware and zippers are all luggage standard, and the fabrication techniques that I use are ones that have been tested and used by me for years. The result is a quality product that is durable, beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

My goal is to create bags with a personal touch and have fun doing it. Visit my store often to see what I have to offer and to watch me grow. Hopefully, you will find a bag that is uniquely your own and become a member of my highly valued and growing clientele.